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uShop Module Update, Bug Fixes & More!Update 3-2017

Author: Gromov , 2:45 PM 1636

It’s time for another system update! Today we’re going to tell you about exciting additions to multiple modules, not to mention the bug fixes that are already available on all servers. Enjoy!

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Create Social Buttons in Your Control Panel With uSocial!

Author: bigblog , 9:52 PM 1511

The uSocial.pro service has recently celebrated its 1st anniversary. Despite the young age, the social buttons are gaining more and more popularity with webmasters of all kinds, including, but not limited to uCoz users.

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New Filters and Products Comparison in the Online Shop ModuleUpdate 2-2017

Author: Caterpillar , 10:55 AM 1524

Today we’re happy to present another system update. The newest additions involve filters in the Online Shop module. To be more specific, the filters feature set has been created from scratch to replace the existing one. Also, the article will focus on the products comparison option. Read on to learn the details.

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The New Mobile App To Manage Your uCoz Websites Is Here!

Author: Caterpillar , 6:30 AM 2332

Today we’re excited to release the mobile app for uCoz which will make the process of managing your websites significantly easier. Enjoy!

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reCAPTCHA by Google for Your uCoz WebsiteUpdate 1-2017

Author: Caterpillar , 10:14 AM 2095

It’s no secret that the uCoz team has always been fiercely fighting spam on its websites: a few years ago, we implemented the instant detection of spam messages, the filtering of spam comments was introduced for Guest Books, and the arithmetic CAPTCHA added.

Sadly, the spammers keep up with the pace by constantly adapting to the existing protection forms and finding new ways to bypass them. That’s why today we’re making the next important step to ensure the security of our users!

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Latest Additions & the Newest uLike Button for Your Website!

Author: Gromov , 9:11 AM 1735

uSocial.pro social buttons builder was warmly welcomed by the majority of uCoz users (and not only by the users of our system — the buttons are being installed into dozens of different builders and CMS). Latest trends, modern design, advanced opportunities, and an excellent download speed as compared to other similar buttons are the reasons why we’ve become the go-to service.

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Exciting Holiday UpdatesUpdate 17-2016

Author: bigblog , 2:40 PM 2006

Best holiday wishes from the uCoz team! It’s been quite an amazing year for us and we're glad we’ve had all of you along with us. Today, we would like to introduce six long-awaited features and a number of bug fixes to end this year on a positive note.

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Welcoming Winter with an Update & Bug FixesUpdate 16-2016

Author: Caterpillar , 9:48 AM 2235

The year 2016 is nearing its end — very soon we’ll all be reflecting on milestones, making New Year’s resolutions, believing in the best and hoping for the successful 365 days to come. But until this moment has arrived, we’re going to double our efforts and make the best use of the time left. In this spirit, we’re excited to have released the 16th update to the uCoz system!

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Meet More User Groups to Fine-Tune Your uCoz WebsiteUpdate 15-2016

Author: bigblog , 4:25 PM 1609

School websites, clan forums, fansites — the list goes on and on. Today we're excited to announce great news for anyone who has a uCoz website in the most popular categories: we have added the option to expand the number of user groups up to 30! Naturally, you can also set separate user permissions for these groups and organize them nicely in a hierarchy.

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3 in 1: Autumn Update to Warm You UpUpdate 14-2016

Author: Caterpillar , 3:30 PM 1913

This year winter is coming ahead of time and most of us can already feel its breath. Temperatures go down. The first snow bursts through the clouds. And our team spend more time in the office working on challenging tasks.

Part of them have already been completed and we’re excited to roll out 3 major additions and a list of fresh bug fixes. Enjoy and stay tuned, as more updates are underway!

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