Users who have been using filters for their online shops certainly came across the following difficulties:

When there are many products in the store, how do you differentiate one item from another? The product comparison functionality has long been employed by online shops, and now it’s available as an “out-of-the-box feature” in the uCoz module.

The need for a more advanced filtering and product selection system arose mostly thanks to the demand from the online shop owners. And today we’re excited to introduce the long-awaited features!

New Filters

Products are filtered by users by characteristics values. The main difference is that a characteristic is pre-defined by the specification, while specifications are united into groups.

The first thing you need to do is assign a specification group to categories. After that, new filters functionality will be available on the product page under the Specification tab.

When the values of the chosen specification are not enough, you can add your custom characteristics and create a new specification.

After that, a new variable $SPEC_FILTER$ displaying a filters block will be available in the Product Catalog template:

Products Comparison

The new filtering system powers the product comparison functionality. The product comparison is carried out by characteristics set up in the new filtering system.

While browsing a catalog a user can add products for comparison:

Next, upon clicking on the Compare button, a user is taken to the product comparison page:

This page is available at the following address: /shop/compare.

When products from different groups are added for comparison they are divided by tabs:

Setup guides

Filters Products Comparison

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