Additional Fields for New Modules

Our long-term users most likely remember that last year we announced an increased number of additional fields for the most uCoz modules. However, such important and popular sections as the Publisher, File Catalog and Photo Albums were put on pause back then. Up until now! :)

To add new additional fields, go to the settings of the needed module and enable the Custom additional fields option:

Upon activating the option, you’ll be able to add:

Should you need to further increase the number of additional fields for your website, we may look into the possibility of assisting in cases with a valid reason. Feel free to contact us!

Additional Fields → Filters

We believe this update will be a great asset for the owners of movie websites and similar resources where an extended post filtering is needed! :)

At this point, the update is available for the File Catalog module, but we’re close to considering its integration with other system modules. Now let’s take a closer look at how the feature works.

Simply having more additional fields is useful, of course, but what makes this new feature much more flexible is the following: Upon activating custom additional fields, you’ll be able to choose which fields will be used as filters:

For the fields with a Filter option activated, you can either choose a filter value from the drop-down list (just as you do with system filters) or input a new value directly into the field when adding a post.

Therefore, new filter values will be created literally “on a fly” at the moment when a new post is published.

We are looking forward to learning about your experience with this new feature. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and suggest ideas on how we could improve the functionality, since we’re planning to pay a special attention to developing this aspect of the system.

Minor uCoz Updates & Bug Fixes

Stay tuned. More updates are coming soon!

1 kelvingari wrote 17.10.2017, 10:13 AM
filter by additional fields is an error if there is a capital letter
2 Gromov wrote 17.10.2017, 1:08 PM
Would you be so kind to provide us with more details regarding the issue via a private message, please? This way we'll be able to reproduce it. Also, it would be very helpful if you provide us with a screenshot of the error the error you are seeing.

Please, don't forget to specify the URL of your website as well.
3 kelvingari wrote 17.10.2017, 5:59 PM
I think the "Update entry editing date" function of File Catalog is not working. I have tried on 2 servers and this situation does not improve. My server: s105
4 Gromov wrote 18.10.2017, 8:54 AM
Thank you for the details you've provided. All the data was sent to our development team and we'll notify you as soon as we have an update on these issues.
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