A quick note just before we start: the arithmetic CAPTCHA still maintains a fairly high level of security for most of the websites, but might fail to cope in some cases when it comes to popular projects getting massive amounts of traffic. And there’s nothing to wonder about: these websites are traditionally in the spotlight of spam bots, regardless of what CMS they were made with.

Here are the CAPTCHA options already existing in the system:

And starting from today, the general settings of uCoz websites include a new captcha type — reCAPTCHA by Google. For more information, visit the official Google developers' website.

In a Nutshell

reCAPTCHA is a system developed by the Carnegie Mellon University (USA) to protect websites from automated bot attacks. The key difference from the conventional security systems lies in abandoning a simple method of alphanumeric sets that nowadays can be automatically deciphered.

In most cases, a user won’t need to enter any information, as based on the type of their query the system will detect on its own if it’s a human behind the computer or not. However, if the suspicions arise, a user will be offered to undergo a quick test — to analyze a few images and answer a question. This action shouldn’t be much of a problem for a human, while robots can’t handle this task yet.

Opportunity to Specify Custom API Keys

By default, after the new type of CAPTCHA is activated, the system keys are used. If desired, you can set your own, previously having obtained them at the Google website. Besides, the keys must be specified in case there’s a custom domain name connected to the website. The API keys can be obtained by following the link provided in the Control Panel of your website: CP → Settings → General Settings.

We’re looking forward to reading your thoughts on the new CAPTCHA. And stay tuned, there are more updates on the way :)

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