We have three news for you and each is great in its own way.

New Appearance of the Profile Template

We revamped the appearance of default user profile templates in the Users module when setting them up:

The appearance of pop-up profile windows and private messages → In a new window / In an active window

Also, we added an option to restore 4 default templates at once when a new profile appearance is set:

$CODES$-Enabled Templates for Pop-Up Windows

Operational system codes that are typical for most multipurpose pages were added to all pop-up window templates mentioned above. This means that starting from now you can use any of the default codes, for example, in Private Messages templates and create your custom PM page that will be similar to other website pages, or you can change the appearance settings of pop-up windows and rebuild template to have the page like this:

Synchronizing Your Website Profile with the uID Page

In addition to the new appearance of profiles, we took a step towards ensuring a greater level of their independency on the websites with the uID authorization. Now you can change Gender or Date of Birth directly in your website profile wettings without going to your uID page:

What’s next on our to-do list? More exciting updates to the Users module! Stay tuned for news, send us your suggestions, and leave comments! :)

1 ashopbg wrote 06.06.2017, 4:00 PM
I have restored the user personal page and setting but there's nothing change.
2 Gromov wrote 07.06.2017, 6:10 AM
If you've just restored a default template, then yes, you won't see the changes. You need to enable the Rebuild default templates option, as seen in the first screenshot.
3 kelvingari wrote 17.10.2017, 5:32 PM
I think the name of the full name (full name, different from username) should be changed in the web page if logged in UID. Many people who sign in with UID will come across a strange name. Sometimes there is a meaningless name.
4 Gromov wrote 18.10.2017, 5:56 AM
Thank you for your request, but there's no need to duplicate the messages everywhere. Support team will contact you regarding your request soon enough.
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