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Launching uLanding Builder

Author: Piglet | Category: News , 10:02 AM 237

We have finished the closed beta for uLanding.io, a landing page builder. For us, this is a logical extension to our product line and a chance to provide our users with a service for creating landing pages and doing A/B and multivariate tests. We will further automate processes within the builder and make it a useful tool for traffic arbitration and marketing.

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10 New uCoz TemplatesUpdate 11-2017

Author: Gromov | Category: Updates , 12:23 PM 2580

Let’s break the drab monotony of everyday life with our new uCoz templates! Today we’re excited to announce the newest set of 10 designs for various topics.

Enjoy! :)

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Prepare Your Website for Autumn with 50% OFF

Author: bigblog | Category: News , 12:45 PM 1859

Do you know what is the best way to say goodbye to summer? By recalling the summer’s brightest moments and hottest days, and, of course, by taking advantage of our special sale! :)

uCoz team took care of your website’s preparations for the autumn season and that’s why starting from August 31st until September 8th you can enjoy a 50% discount when buying any plan for 1 year or longer.

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Simultaneous Authorization Feature & Bug FixesUpdate 10-2017

Author: Caterpillar | Category: Updates , 9:17 AM 1673

If you’re a freelancer or update your website on a regular basis, most likely you already know that sometimes it’s necessary to check how your website looks on different devices or browsers without having to log in and out every time. The today’s update includes this useful feature, as well as our usual batch of bug fixes!

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uCalc Affiliate Program

Author: Gromov | Category: uCalc , 11:43 AM 2041

uCalc returns 30%! From now on, every user of our calculator and form builder can join the Affiliate Program. In particular, this will be an interesting offer for freelancers, bloggers, and owners of news websites.

Everyone can become an affiliate: all the necessary tools are now available in your account.

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Ad Board Module Update, New Templates & Bug FixesUpdate 9-2017

Author: Gromov | Category: Updates , 10:34 AM 1791

Summer is almost over, but there is no need to be sad — here's our freshest update to lift your spirits.

Today we’re going to give you an insight into the useful additions to the Ad Board module, a batch of new system templates and bug fixes. The most pleasant thing is that today’s update is already available on all servers. Enjoy!

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Social Locker by uSocial.pro

Author: Gromov | Category: News , 5:18 AM 1819

Summer is in full bloom and it's a perfect moment to share our updates - this time for one of the freshest social media buttons services, uSocial.pro! Today we are thrilled to announce the launch of the Social Locker tool created by the uSocial team. This feature was implemented following multiple user requests and improvement suggestions submitted during the closed alpha testing. Enjoy!

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About the Signup and Login Issues on uCoz Websites

Author: bigblog | Category: News , 9:32 AM 2383

We wanted our next blog post to be about new and interesting additions, but, unfortunately, issues like this occur in the life of every web service at least once. In this post, we will talk about the problems that uCoz website owners and their users are currently facing, and will advise you on the temporary measures that you can take to manage your projects until the recovery works of login and signup via uID accounts are completed.

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Meet uCalc — Service to Create Calculators & Forms!

Author: Caterpillar | Category: uCalc , 6:56 AM 2303

Today we are excited to announce the release of the English version of uCalc — an easy-to-use and highly intuitive builder of calculators and forms. With its help, you can effortlessly create a functional tool to calculate the cost of the specific product or service, put together a booking or delivery form, as well as collect clients’ feedback and reviews.

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New Ways to Set Up the Design of the Users ModuleUpdate 8-2017

Author: bigblog | Category: Updates , 11:25 AM 1532

We continue to work actively on the Users module and today we are pleased to introduce yet another long-awaited update to it — one of the most important additions to the module's further development: now we support $URI_ID$ and $PAGE_ID$ codes in the module's templates.

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New Profiles and New Features for the Users ModuleUpdate 7-2017

Author: Gromov | Category: Updates , 12:57 PM 1966

Finally, summer has arrived and so has one of the most anticipated updates to the Users module. This addition will be particularly handy for those who pay attention to user profile sections and private messages. Enjoy!

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