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Out with the Old, in With the New

Starting from this week, we will no longer be maintaining the old Control Panel. What does this mean? If you are a long-term user who is accustomed to working with the old interface, the option to use the old Control Panel will still be in place, however, the main portion of new additions (except critical updates) will be available only with the new Control Panel.

In case of first-timers, this means that all newly registered users will be getting the new Control Panel enabled by default.

Here at uCoz, we are committed to providing quality website building experience. However, since the release of the new Control Panel, the works needed to update multiple platforms have grown, making it harder to provide the level of service our customers have come to expect from us. This decision was taken in order to focus our efforts on developing one system, rather than splitting forces between the simultaneous maintenance of both interfaces.

Thank you for understanding and stay tuned for upcoming updates!

1 trosell_orlando wrote 19.09.2017, 5:36 AM
New templates are always welcome!   wink 

And regarding to suggestions, well I going to tell you my experience with uCoz 

A great feature could be the option to change the color scheme on the builder and also the background. I had a crazy experience with my website (manly topic is news) and it was funny because I switched the old template to a new one and people stop posting commentaries because on the new one there was a bug with the comment form in which users thinks that the comment had been sent actually but after  they signed in they had to complete it, its almost ridiculous that they don't realized it but according to the analytics they just ignore that fact and in the old template people write the comment and then when they click on send the system prompts for  login and after people signed in the comment is sent automatically or the system automatically take the user back to the comment form but with new templates the system just reload the page and then the user has to scroll down to the comment form and at the end I had to switch back to the old template and I'm still seeking for a new useful one, because the main problem was the color scheme and the resolution my main target uses small computers (netbooks) with resolutions of 800x600 to 1024x768 and at that resolution the template acts as smartphone mode and then the people can't see the sidebar unless they scroll down and that's is not common and the template that I tried to switch was the  # 1708 

However I still working on a new template version for my website I like for example the menu on smartphones with the template # 1708 but something that I hate is that is too difficult to edit the color scheme I tried on the CSS but sometimes the system just ignore the CSS and the little problem with the comment form I edited the form to work like this one that you use on this blog in which people has to first sign in and  then can write the comment but on my website that just doesn't worked because it was confused for the users, then I tried Disqus system and it was really amazing people were in love with it but I hate it because then people started answering through the Disqus system directly without visiting my website so I had to get back to uCoz comment system, then I tried with Facebook system and then people hate it because no everyone was willing to comment with facebook  they wanted to comment with twitter and Google so I had to once again get back to ucoz system but with the old template.

So I'm not sure about adopting a new template because of the difficult to adapt the color scheme and the comment system is not as functional as on the old templates (the template that I'm using right now (the old one) is based on #1254 but sincerely I would like the menu on mobile version like the 1708 but well I have to use 1254 ...)

Another issue that I have is that I notice that when I turn SSL on, on my website the performance is too slow there are too many problems when user try to reach my website the browser says error such as "ERR_SOCKET_NO_CONNECTED" "ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT" "ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE" "ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED" or "the website took too long to respond." and son on... even Google Search Console alert me about that my website is unreachable when Google Bot tried to crawl my site, so I was thinking about using my own domain and then use a service like CloudFlare with my own domain to help the server (and I tried it) and magically it worked but then people were unable to log in because CloudFlare always showed the cached version of the website due to the same problem of website unable etc etc (cloudflare alert me about the same problem that Google Search sometimes the web server took too long to respond or was unable so the website was served from the cache of cloudflare)

So I have to turned off the SSL for now because the audience went down drastically with SSL problems (my audience is mainly latin america) that's why I tried to use a CDN to help the content delivery but then the website cookies doesn't work correctly...

Also the average speed of my audience's ISP is 1-2 Mbps and that's another reason to keep the old design 

My website is hosted on s41 server... I hope that in the future updates take into consideration my experiences I'm still in love with uCoz CMS but the performance's issues with the server was a nightmare this year with my SEO my visitors my raking with a website without SSL enabled and as I told at the beginning this comment is just my experiences using uCoz services, and In fact I will stay with uCoz services. (I've been using it since 2011)
2 Felicia wrote 19.09.2017, 7:45 AM
Thank you for your detailed feedback. Let me clear something: the issues you are experiencing with the comment form is on template #1708, right? Can you also provide us with the URL of your website, so that we can check what you've just described? You can send it via PM, if you want.
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