What do 12 years mean in our high-paced world full of technologies, new discoveries and significant events? If we look at them from the life cycle perspective, it’s pretty few. People at the age of 12 don’t possess sufficient experience and knowledge, and, more often than not, don’t know yet what they want to do in the future.

As a rule, IT companies that reach this age not only manage to become fully mature and release their own products but also know for sure what they can do really well. And uCoz, in this case, is not an exception.

For the past 12 years, uCoz has become a starting point for many people who choose IT as their professional field. Certainly, that’s something we are really proud of! :)

Users who follow our company’s news know that our team never sits back doing nothing. We’re continuously working on new updates, integrating new features and improving the existed ones. This year is far from being over and that’s why we’ll sum up its results in December. For now, we’ll just drop a little hint — a couple of quite significant updates and integrations are coming out this year. One of them is closer than you think ;)

We are sincerely happy that most of you have been around during all these 12 years, and we are eternally grateful for helping us make uCoz better!

And... It’s party time! :)

In the pictures above you can see birthday festivities at our Ukrainian office in Cherkasy. How did we celebrate in other cities? We’ll share it all in our Instagram soon enough. Stay tuned :)

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