Reputation Update for Shop Orders

Big online stores often cooperate with subagents. This is a group of users who have the right to add new products. When these products are sold, a subagent earns a % commission on the products that were purchased. This update allows you to change the subagent's rating when customers place an order for his/her product.

To enable this feature, go to your online shop’s settings, open the Subagent management page and check the Allow the sales to affect user reputation option.

Site Protection Against Cloning

We’ve already written about a feature that allows you to restrict access to your site at an IP level. This way you can protect it from robots automatically downloading content out of it, as well as secure the site from total cloning using proxy requests.

Additionally, it’s possible to restrict access to a website for some certain country.

PayPal Payment Option Update

Following your requests, we have implemented a feature that allows setting a fee for PayPal payments. Before, when the order amount was small (relevant for digital goods), PayPal basically reduced the sellers’ profit from an order to zero by charging them a fee. Now, using this method you can decide who will pay the commission. This won’t affect the way a product is displayed in your online shop. The commission can be either fixed or a percentage of the product’s value.

Site Version for Visually Impaired

You talk. We listen. So, upon our users requests, we’ve added an icon into the Version for visually impaired button.

New System Templates

Activity Feed for uShop

Another feature we’ve integrated is the activity feed option in the Online Shop module. It allows displaying events when a user submits an order, makes a payment, adds a product to the shopping cart, etc. in real time.

You can set who can view the activity feed in User Group Permissions. To add the feed to a website, it’s necessary to add the $SHFEED$ system operator to the template.

Moderation of Orders

And that’s not all! We’ve introduced another useful setting for User Group Permissions. From now on, an administrator can provide moderators (or any other group) with a permission to see all the orders and an ability to cancel them. In this case, the funds will be refunded to the buyer’s account.

Last, But Not Least: New Payment Methods




Bug Fixes and Updates

Spring is waiting just around the corner and so do new, exciting updates! If you have any suggestions about the updates, feel free to leave a comment:)

1 kelvingari wrote 10.06.2018, 9:50 AM
Why not have multi-categories in the photo module ? 
I think it is more important in other modules. Because in a photo, it can have a lot of different content.
Ex: In the photo below, I can add it to the "food" category, I can add it to the "drink" category or I can add it to the "inspirational" category. But I can only choose one of three categories.
2 Gromov wrote 11.06.2018, 5:36 AM
Thank you for your suggestion, it was forwarded to our development team for a consideration.
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