Informer for a day, a month and a year

available for ALL content modules

No need to explain a thing with this one:)

Extending settings for the group permissions

for the Photo Albums module

From now on there's a new option in the user group permissions - you can disable ALT & TITLE fields for some groups in the Photo Albums module.

Direct link to your ticket in the email notifications

when contacting Support via Control Panel

You will be able to access your ticket in just one click. Note that now the email message also contains the website address you've a reply to.

Quicker access to the security settings

of your profile

Want to change your password, phone number or answer to the security question? It has never been easier.. Just two clicks and it's done!

Most recent bug fixes and updates

Stay tuned for the new updates and fixes ;)

1 Khen wrote 14.07.2016, 3:13 AM
WOW! I love updates.. Keep it coming!  smile smile smile
2 Gromov wrote 14.07.2016, 5:31 AM
Khen, more updates are on the way!
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