Social Locker - Basic Version

With the Basic version of uSocial Locker it’s possible to create a social lock and place it on your website absolutely free of any charges.

1. The basic version supports:

The Mandatory Сheck for Likes/Shares feature isn’t included into the basic version of the Social Locker.

2. Set the appearance, button styles, and locker’s title:

3. Set a timer. Once it expires, the hidden content will become available without any interactions with the social media buttons. The type of the hidden content can be configured as an entire page, link or button:

Social Locker - Advanced Version

The advanced settings allow you to take advantage of additional social locker features and ensure a higher level of security for the hidden content. The advanced version is available only within the Premium Plan.


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1. Mandatory Сheck for Likes/Shares. This option will let you secure the content and to check if the Likes/Shares are real.

This feature is available for Facebook only. To use it, it’s necessary to create a specialized application that ensures verification. You will also need to fill in the necessary data when creating applications.

The tips next to the ID field will help you take the right steps.

2. Advanced styles for social buttons. As usual, the Premium plan offers the users the possibility of using more styles for the social icons.

3. HTML code in the hidden content. Besides locking an entire page, links or buttons, you’ll be able to hide a specific piece of HTML code:

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