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Create Like/Share Buttons Now

Share Buttons

Share buttons engage people who are not on your website and distribute your content on the Web. After clicking this kind of button, a user can share a post from your website to their social media profile. The shared post will contain a link back to your website, so the user's friends and followers can click it and see your content. Here are the features that our share buttons bring to the table:

This is an example of a set of Share buttons you can add using uSocial

How to create and add a button set to a website?

Like Buttons

These buttons serve as a social proof of your website's popularity. When a user sees a number of likes under your posts, it builds trust and credibility to the article's author.

There's no need to get a separate code from each social network; we have collected all of them in one place. Create your set in minutes with an easy-to-use builder. What's great about our Like buttons?

How to create and add a button set to a website?

META Data Builder

Have you ever shared a link to your social profile only to find that the picture was missing or is completely wrong? With uSocial it is no longer a problem. Our intuitive builder will generate a ready-to-use meta data code so that your content is optimized for sharing.

To put it simply, meta data define the way your post's title, description, images and more appear on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

The code generated with our META data builder ensures that meta tags for your posts are specified correctly and will be properly understood by social media services, as they contain a type of the post, a relevant title, and a link to the right image. All these boosts share effectiveness, as social media will correctly index your post.

META data builder offers:

Get More Visitors

"Get More Visitors" tool will allow you to create a magnificent pop-up window with an invitation to subscribe/visit your group in social media. For example:

It's very easy to create and to publish a window like this! Just enter the links to your social media pages and select the type of view:

The uSocial team is united around such things as professionalism and an objective to give our customers only the best service. Check out uSocial now and let us know what you think! We look forward to hearing from you.

1 Khen wrote 14.07.2016, 9:54 AM
I like this update but why doesn't it appear on mobile devices? I tried to view a page of my website but the buttons doesn't appear.
2 Sunny wrote 14.07.2016, 10:22 AM
Thank you for your feedback. The buttons are hidden on mobile devices. The reason for this is that visitors don't really use them on mobiles, and the buttons provided by the social networking sites are not responsive.
3 Khen wrote 14.07.2016, 10:55 AM
Ah ok. I see. Thanks Sunny!  smile
4 Amat_serkal wrote 19.08.2016, 7:48 AM
how do make them like this?
there are picture is the author? in file katalog and site katalog ?

I've been looking for the code does not find it.

5 Gromov wrote 29.08.2016, 10:16 AM

Please provide more details about the issue to the Customer Support service. They'll be glad to assist you in a best way possible.
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