Broad Choice of Widgets

All you need to do to add the desired widget is to get to the ‘Page appearance settings’ by clicking on the gear icon located in the Control Panel’s top right corner.

Currently, there are 11 widgets to choose from and each of them can be placed where you need those. All you need to do is to drag a necessary widget with a mouse cursor.

Let us know what kind of widgets you want to see added via a comment and we’ll consider your suggestion.

Comment Management

We’ve added enhanced features for the website comment management tool. One of the most crucial options is to automatically remove all user’s comments at once.

The comment management feature can be found under the Tools section:

Now it’s easier than ever to monitor spam or other unwanted comments, and all the posts by a violator can be removed in a couple of clicks:

Stay tuned because as we’re going to present more interesting things soon!

1 karenwirkan wrote 15.03.2019, 6:46 PM
Thanks to the comment management tool, I could delete spam comments very easily, without having to go the to news and remove it manually :-)
2 Gromov wrote 25.03.2019, 8:41 AM
Thanks! That's one of the reasons the tool was created for, we're glad it would ease up your website management experience.
3 e-orlando wrote 11.06.2019, 8:59 PM
I wrote to support but I think that they don't get the idea what I was talking about 

There is a bug on the uCoz 301 redirect (when you attach a domain the system automatically redirect user to the new domain and this is great) however on the file catalog, files can be downloaded via the old ucoz subdomain and the 301 redirect doesn't work

For example

If a user or a web crawler lands on 

it should be redirected to the new domain  but The uCoz server doesn't do redirection instead respond with a 200 HTTP and allow the download via the old url

And this is a problem since Google Yandex and Bing can think that is a duplicated content since there are not a canonical meta tag or a 301 redirection so from the point of view of the search engine and my are different and is duplicanting conten from

I did the report to Google Bing and Yandex and they will drive user to the new domain via the "Change domain tool" but they told me that this is a temporary solution because I must set a 301 redirect to the new domain on the files url. 

I must say that 301 redirect works great on all the entire site but for some reason on the direct download links doesn't works.

I hope you can fix this on the next ucoz update or tell me if there is a reason to keep this that way.

Thanks in advance
4 Gromov wrote 02.07.2019, 9:12 PM
Hi e-orlando,

Sorry for such a late reply, I assume your request has been already answered, but if not please let me know.
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