But the uSocial.pro team is not ready to rest on laurels and today we are excited to present even more unique additions to your sets that will draw attention to your social buttons and increase conversion. Meet the new pricing plans by uSocial.pro!

The PRO feature set includes a whole slew of superb options. Note, that this is not a final list, as we will keep enhancing both free and PRO features within the forthcoming updates.

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Unique Hover Effects

Liven up your social buttons with beautiful hover effects.


The eye-catcher feature draws your site visitors’ attention to the Share buttons. It can be closed for a session only or remembers the deactivation until the cache is cleared. It is possible to replace the default text and choose the custom appearance:

Eye-catcher settings

Eye-catcher example

18 new icon styles

Now uSocial.pro icons will match any website design, even a monochromatic one or a landing page. 18 new color schemes and styles help to create the needed look in the most difficult situations :)

Example of new icon styles and colors

DATA URL Parameter

Channel Shares and Likes from a current page to a specific landing or home page. When your visitors share a page to a social network, it is substituted with a target page set up by you. Also, this feature will come in handy for flash websites and apps.

Data URL settings in the builder

“Follow Us on Social Media” PRO Window

The Get More Visitors tool includes 4 cool features within the PRO account:

See it for yourself

Extended Statistics: Top Pages

Do you know what your site visitors like most? What content are they willing to share on social media? We will show you the most popular pages with the mostly clicked Share buttons by uSocial:

The Newest uLike Button

Here at uSocial.pro we know it from our own experience that learning which of your posts are the most interesting to your website audience is one of the most precious and valuable insights. That’s why today we are pleased to present a new, powerful tool enabling your site visitors to show appreciation for your posts - a universal uLike button.

Create Your uLike Button

Design Settings

Based on the best practices of the Share social buttons services and the statistics on popularity and effectiveness of button colors, shapes and sizes, we’ve created an easy-to-use builder making it possible for everyone to create a button that will seamlessly match any website’s design:

You can see the new uLike button in action in our official blog.

Custom Texts

We know how important the customization feature is, that’s why you can set the default texts of the buttons to your own to be displayed not only BEFORE, but also AFTER the button is clicked. Thanks to this, a uLike button can be used in any place to fit any context.

“Share across social media” Window

After the button is pressed, ‘Share across social media’ window will appear. This option provides extra engagement for your visitors.

Data Parameters

Need to place buttons into the Appearance of Entries template or inside messages on a forum? Piece of cake! The uLike button can receive the transferred URL and TITLE data parameters, thus enabling you to use several buttons with individual counters on a single page:

Step-by-step guides on how to add several buttons onto a page:


A powerful statistical tool will help you determine which posts visitors like most on your website. It doesn’t matter whether they are signed up for any social media or not. The uLike button was designed to work for everyone, including guests. If you want, you can limit its usage in the template’s code.

Future of uLike

The service is constantly developing and we work 24/7 to upgrade it. In the near future, our customers will receive useful additions to uLike service. Among other features is the Informer displaying the most popular posts of your website.

Important: Please note that the informer’s data will be taken from the current uLike button statistics, so it’s crucial to use URL and TITLE settings correctly even now!

That’s all for now! See you soon:)

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