New 'Coming Soon' Page

This has been a popular request and I'm sure you will appreciate it. The new template is available under Users in the Design Customization section:

Why Do You Need It?

If you regularly update the website, add new features and keep your website's design modern and fresh, you have to temporarily close the website while implementing all these things. You wouldn't want visitors to see your website half done, would you? That's where the update comes to the rescue. A 'Coming Soon' page will let visitors know when the website is going to be available again, and from now on, you can customize the page to match the website's design or even add an email subscription field to notify the users that the website is ready and waiting for them to check it out.

Note: If your website is old enough and has good search engine rankings, keep it closed only for a short period. Otherwise, it may damage the website's position on search results.

The best time to use a Coming Soon page is when your website is about to be launched. First, it hasn't been indexed yet and there won't be any SEO harm. Second, such page can fuel hype and motivate visitors to get back later and check the result, especially if there is a big countdown timer! :)

New uID Sign-in Windows

This update includes two important steps towards improved usability of the uID sign-in process.

1. New Design of Login Windows

2. Intermediate Login Window

Want to log out of one uID profile and log in with another? Now it's much easier, you don't need to go to to do this - the intermediate login window has the option to change the user. Each time you log in, the system will ask you if you want to proceed with the authorized profile or use another one.

Note: If you log in by entering an email/password, no additional confirmation is required.

Besides, you can easily look up the address of your uID page by clicking on your full name in the confirmation window.

Updated Avatar Collections

Meet 17 new avatar categories available in 2 sizes: 100x100 px and 180x180 px.


Note: All old avatars are available at their addresses, but they cannot be selected anymore neither in Control Panel nor on websites.

Custom Avatar Collections

Creation of custom avatar collections and renaming of existing and new categories has never been easier!

… And Some Bug Fixes

All your comments are more than welcome! See you soon! :)

1 get4domainnet wrote 17.09.2016, 7:26 AM
Thank you to share this is very useful and your services is very nice and your step by step presentation also.
2 bigblog wrote 17.09.2016, 4:48 PM
Thank you for your kind words. smile We wish you good luck! If you have any questions regarding the management of your website, feel free to contact us.
3 nitroretro wrote 24.09.2016, 3:21 PM
Thanks uCoz! I remember asking if there is a way you can change the template of the "Temporarily closed" page on the uCoz community forums a month ago and you added it!
4 Sunny wrote 26.09.2016, 11:45 PM
Thank you for your feedback. We are happy you liked the update smile
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