What Is uLanding Now?

It’s a service that allows you to quickly test your marketing idea with real traffic and find out which page will best serve its purpose, whether it’s collecting leads, selling products, getting new subscribers or signups.

Now you don’t need to wait for a mockup from designers, then drive traffic, embed code for A/B testing, filter bots - with uLanding, all this can be done in a few clicks.

The functionality available in the new builder is similar to the features of the Pro plan in uKit.

In uLanding, we offer a 7-day free trial, during which you can try out all the features of the builder to create one project and 5 landing pages.


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Examples of Landing Pages Made with uLanding



Product Development

uLanding in its current version is the initial development stage of a full-fledged service for traffic arbitrage. In the future, we are going to add all the necessary features to simplify the work of those who seek to boost the conversion rate of their landing pages.

A little more about how uLanding is going to be developed:

Having a good landing page and driven traffic is not enough though — it's also important to make these two work together. For this reason, integrations with popular trackers and TDS are on the roadmap, which will allow you to manage the traffic and deeply analyze the effectiveness of traffic funnels.

Now the product is at the stage of its active development, and you have an actual opportunity to influence it so that you can get the tool which is really useful for YOU in the end.

Feel free to share your feedback on the current version and submit your suggestions in the comments below :-)

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