How Do I Get a Discount?

The discount will be applied automatically when buying any plan (except the Basic) for 6 months or longer between October 29 - November 2. The special price for the Basic plan gets activated when upgrading for 12 months or more.

One More Present

Is there anything a user wants besides a discount? Updates, that’s for sure! We want to bring you some good news: bunch of new cool and modern templates is on the way. Stay tuned with our official blog and social media pages.

On a final note, we would like to express our gratitude to everyone for these 13 years, during which you are creating and improving your websites with uCoz. On behalf of each member of uTeam - a big thanks to all of you!

1 e-orlando wrote 30.10.2018, 5:47 AM
Congratulations my website is 8 years old now  it's been a long journey my best wishes for u and all the team... and too many thanks for all, I started a small blog with u and today is my full time job sometimes you never realized how big this had turned I have to confess that I had doubts about to keep the website with you or to switch to WP but after 8 years with you I will stay as long as I'm able to. 

Because it's no only the specifications and the services is also the great team and talented persons behind uCoz,  I mean I grew up with you, since a small blog to a big community, also I lived those terrifying such as when serves where down, those sad moments such as when u announce then end of spanish support, but also I lived those great moments of updates announcement,  new projects, happiness when u solve a epic fail   laugh  

In retrospect it's been a great journey I feel identified with uCoz, despite the language barrier, different time zone, culture (I'm from Latin America), I feel very identified with you, because I saw you grow as a company and at the same time through your help and support also you helped me to grow as a content editor and  as web developer, and as I told u more than to grow, uCoz helped me to materialize my dream with my website that helps thousands of people every day thanks to the infrastructure, support and help that you have given me. So today more than ever all my love, gratitude and support for you guys, thank you very much, and it feels great to know that will continue online. 

Although sometimes it is scary because uCoz is an uncommon CMS, (it could not be easy to migrate an 8-year website from a private CMS like uCoz to a new CMS like WP), but the trust that you have given me has not been obtained anywhere else, so that trust It is also important to keep and it is what makes me feel good about paying the premium service and staying with uCoz. I hope despite the new projects, you keep developing uCoz, because for someones it is just a free blog, but for others like me, uCoz is my main livelihood and my full-time job. So yes, sometimes it's scary but with every October anniversary that I spend with you, that fear disappears. :-)

So congratulations   holiday  hands 


Orlando Trosell  up
2 Gromov wrote 30.10.2018, 7:48 AM
Hello Orlando,

Thank you for such kind words. We'll keep improving the system and assist our users in every possible way. Once again, thank you for trust.
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