$TAGS$ variable for the ‘Appearance of entries’ template

The system code $TAGS$ is available for each system module of uCoz in the ‘Appearance of entries’ template. This code displays information in the following format:

 <noindex><a href="/search/TAG/" rel="nofollow" class="eTag">TAG</a></noindex>

The code works properly for mobile view as well.

Website version for the visually impaired

Many nonprofit organizations and government institutions prefer to create their websites with uCoz because of the speed you can create and publish your website with: all it takes is a couple of minutes. Another reason is the process of creation: it’s nothing but ease, plus, there are lots of detailed manuals describing all the processes and features.

These websites are getting more popular day by day, and we’re happy to add a new useful tool to the Control Panel: the website version for the visually impaired! In the past, this feature could have been implemented only with the help of a custom script. The installation wasn’t that complicated, but let’s be honest, it’s easier to activate any feature by selecting a corresponding checkbox in the settings, just like this:

Here’s how it looks:

Bugfixes and updates

Soon enough we’ll release more great updates. Stay tuned to our blog and social media! :)

1 Amat_serkal wrote 28.08.2016, 4:10 PM
where for setting tag?
2 Gromov wrote 29.08.2016, 10:55 AM
Please provide more details about the issue to the Customer Support service. They'll be glad to assist you in a best way possible.
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