Some people think that a newsletter is always a pesky ad. But it’s not true, actually. Today, more and more companies focus on their newsletters and work hard on the style of the emails turning them into a branding tool.

You can find plenty of newsletter services on the Net. The only question is which one to choose?

1. SendPulse

Price: free (limited features)

Localization: English, Russian, Ukrainian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Turkish, Spanish (Mexican)

Customer Service: English, Russian, Ukrainian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Turkish, Spanish (Mexican)

SendPulse is an easy-to-use platform for creating and managing emails, as well as other channels of communication with customers such as web push notifications, SMS, etc. One of the best things about the service, apart from the user-friendly interface, is the free plan: you can send up to 15 000 emails to 2 500 subscribers, which is pretty enough to serve an average personal website. The free plan also lets you send web push notifications, carry out A/B tests or create a chatbot for delivering bulk and personalized messages to Facebook Messenger.

SendPulse offers 60 email templates starting from vivid and aggressive ones for sales emails to calm and relaxing layouts that are aimed at wishing your subscribers happy holidays and showing your care for them. After a newsletter is sent, you will learn the exact number of the sent out emails, the open rate and the click-through rate (CTR). All this and more will let you analyze how effective this or that newsletter was and, as a result, improve further emails to increase the engagement rate.

SendPulse provides you with reports based on the sent emails and email errors. You can even download reports to your PC.

2. MailChimp

Price: free (limited features)

Localization: English

Customer Service: English

MailChimp is a time-tested award-winning service for email marketing (established in 2001). The only significant downside is that it has the English localization only: the website and support language is English. Nevertheless, you can find instructions in some other languages on the Internet that might be quite helpful.

The free plan lets you send up to 10 000 emails to 2 000 subscribers monthly. However, other pricing plans are not that affordable: the Essentials plan costs $10 but you can’t even conduct A/B tests or configure the newsletter so that subscribers could receive it according to their time zone. It’s sure to reduce the open rate. As a result, you will have to opt for a better plan that is more expensive.

Nevertheless, MailChimp has advantages such as a rich library of templates for the free plan subscribers. You can also enable statistics and split your audience into groups according to those who delete emails or didn’t finish reading, etc. The platform also provides DKIM that allows the receiver to check that the email was sent by a real company and not by frauds. This can increase email deliverability.

3. GetResponse

Price: from $15/mo (30-day trial period)

Localization: over 20

Customer Service: English, German, Frech, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish

If you have an unlimited budget for running your website, take a look at the GetResponse service. Despite a little bit higher prices compared to the competitors, you get numerous powerful features such as an integrated landing page builder and a wide range of templates (over 500!).

One of the most important metrics for email marketing services is the email deliverability rate. For GetResponse it’s over 99% that is in the top best results on the market.

The customer service works like a charm in all the languages, no matter if you contact by email or LiveChat. During the trial, you can compile a database of up to 1 000 contacts, use pro analytics and tools for A/B tests. The platform offers a module structure and an easy-to-use newsletter editor for beginners and HTML editor for pros.

4. UniSender

Price: free (limited features)

Localization: English, Russian, Ukrainian

Customer Service: English, Russian, Ukrainian

Another reputable and trustworthy email marketing platform is UniSender. It has an intuitive user-friendly interface, but with the free plan, you can send up to 1 500 emails to no more than 100 subscribers a month. In addition, you have access to the features of the service including a number of modern high-quality templates for emails.

If you are not aware of the size of your database but know the approximate number of emails you’re going to send, UniSender gives you a special option — you can purchase a package of 50 000 emails in bulk.

The UniSender platform boasts integrations with external services like CMS, CRM, and analytics. However, its competitors have them, too.

The deliverability rate — 99%.

5. Sendsay

Price: free (limited features)

Localization: English, Russian

Customer Service: English, Russian

Sendsay is a powerful email marketing service with a deliverability rate of up to 99,9%! The free plan offers to send up to 1 000 emails to 200 subscribers a month, which is quite enough for the A/B test.

The interface might seem a bit confusing first but, in reality, it’s well-thought-out. It just requires some more time for exploring all the basic features and tools. However, it’s not a big deal unless you want to spend no more than 15 min on creating your first newsletter.

What you can enjoy most is enabling statistics as it’s heaven for analysts: illustrative charts and a lot of data at hand.

The only drawback is a limited number of ready-to-use templates compared to competitors.

Feel free to share your feedback on these services and write your suggestions in the comments below :-)

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