What About a Birthday Present?

So what's the best thing about birthdays? Of course, gifts :) We're glad to announce the special offer which is valid November 6-13. To redeem the offer, go to the Plans tab on the uCoz Control Panel and select any Pricing Plan (except Minimal) for a year or more and get 50% off.

Your Feedback Is Our Muse

We love to hear back from you and are always looking forward to your comments on what can be added to the system to make it work better. We do appreciate ideas of each and everyone on what functionality would come in handy for developing uCoz-powered sites.

So feel free to send us your suggestions on improving the modules. We keep track of all comments and analyze them to have a better understanding of what should be implemented.

When Is the Next Update?

Before the new year, we’re going to release at least one new feature. And it goes without saying that we keep on improving some bits and pieces of the builder that are sure to make it more powerful under the hood.

Thanks for being with us all those 14 years! The best is yet to come!

Your uTeam!

1 trosell_orlando wrote 14.11.2019, 7:12 AM
Hey there, Happy anniversary :-)

My suggestion for future system updates is simple:

I could suggest that all uCoz scripts should be set to load as "async" so they don't block the render of the entire website, many visitor from outside Europe or US experience a high latency  waiting for those scripts and the worst part is that they block the render of the website until the browser get response because they are located on the head.

The scripts that I'm talking about is the ones served from outside the website domain, I´m talking about:


and the one called uutils . fcg

From s[any server].ucoz[.]net/cgi/uutils[.]fcg

So my suggestion to improve sites performance is just to serve all uCoz scripts as "async" when possible avoiding render stuck when visitor outside US or EU experience a networks congestion  :-)

Kind Regards
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