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In December, we made a post announcing that the uCoz team is making its way to an ICO with the uKit AI project. Since then, we have managed to run the tokens presale which was a success and decided on the exact date when the main round is going to start — it’s February 19.

1. Official website of the project
2. White Paper
3. Video teaser (it’s allowed to use parts of this video for creating your own one)
4. Blog

What is the way the uKit AI system works?

Ready to tell your followers and subscribers about uKit ICO? We would love to thank you in return and have prepared good prizes for you in a number of categories:

1. Best Review

Terms for taking part:

The winner in the 'Best Review' category will receive $1000 + 250,000 UKT

2. Best Article

Terms for taking part:

The winner in the 'Best Article' category will receive $400 + 250,000 UKT

3. Best Video

Terms for taking part:

The winner in the “Best Video” category will receive $600 + 250000 UKT

Reward for the participants

As part of our bounty program, each participant whose contest work will be shortlisted by the judges will get a reward in the amount of:

X = (1 000 000 UKT) / Y, where X is the reward amount for each participant, Y is the total number of participants who have been shortlisted.

For example, if 100 participants are admitted to the competition, each of them will receive 10,000 UKT.

*shortlist is the list of participants whose works are approved by the judges; will be announced on or before March 12, 2018.

Contest timeline

We start accepting the works starting today. You can submit your review, article or a video for the contest until March 4, 2018.

Names of the authors whose works are approved for taking part in the contest are going to be announced on or before March 12, 2018.

The final results for the contest will be posted on our official blog on or before March 19, 2018.

Additional categories

We decided to avoid naming some particular categories right now in order to give our participants freedom to create. For these additional categories, we have a reserve fund of 1,250,000 UKT.

How do I submit my work for the contest?

Submit your completed reviews, articles and videos through this form:

Got questions? Feel free to ask them in comments! Good luck to all of you and cheers :)

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