During the contest, we received more than 150 applications, and a week ago we posted the list of works that were selected by the judges and admitted to the final round. It's time to sum it up and announce the winners!

1. Best Review

The opinion of the judges was not unanimous but the overwhelming majority of us preferred this work:

The winner in the “Best Review” category gets $1000 + 250000 UKT


2. Best Article

The opinions of all judges coincided here, and the well-earned victory in this category goes to the author of this article:

The winner in the “Best Article” category gets $400 + 250000 UKT


3. Best Video

To our common regret, only two works qualified and were able to compete for the main award in this category, but it made the finalists keep on their toes! The jury's decision was also unanimous:

The winner in the “Best Video” category gets $600 + 250000 UKT


Additional categories

When we were launching the contest, we decided to avoid naming any particular nominations in order not to limit the imagination of the participants and not to give reasons for creating similar works that would meet certain criteria. Anyways, we think it will be right to reward 3 more contestants:

4. Best Design

5. For the Amount of Work Done

6. For Creativity

The winner in each additional category gets 250000 UKT

Congratulations to all the winners!

Reward for the participants

You were shortlisted but haven’t found your work among the winners? Don’t be upset! We remind you that according to the conditions of our bounty program, each participant whose work was preliminarily selected by the judges gets a reward in the amount of:

X = (1 000 000 UKT) / Y, where X is the reward amount for each participant, Y is the total number of participants who have been shortlisted.

So, each of the 20 finalists will receive 50,000 UKT from us. For the winners in the main and additional categories, this sums up with their main award.

The list of entries that have been shortlisted:

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyE24heZQjs (RU)
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEghynxuyWA (EN) – There's also one entry that has been admitted as an exception (the channel has under 500 subscribers), the only video made in the English language that has been shortlisted
  3. https://steemit.com/ukit/@icorehberi/ukit-websiteleri-icin-yapay-zeka (EN)
  4. http://my-art-factory.com/publ/fantastika/nasloenie/13-1-0-62 (RU)
  5. https://ukit.top/ico_ukit-ai (RU)
  6. https://vk.com/@dennimm-ukit-ico-i-buduschee-razvitie-veba (RU)
  7. https://golos.io/ukit/@krasnikov/konstruktor-saitov-ukit-com-zapustil-ico-razbiraem-chto-eto-i-zachem-nuzhno (RU)
  8. https://youpartner.pro/zarabotok/ukit_ai_ico_perspektivnejshij_proekt_2018_goda/2018-03-03-133 (RU)
  9. https://cryptolife.su/ukit-ico-finansiruem-revolyuciyu-v-web-razrabotke (RU)
  10. http://cyber-business.ucoz.net/news/perspektivnyj_rossijskij_ico_proekt/2018-03-03-27 (RU)
  11. https://vk.com/@divinedraft-a-kak-ili-reshenie-buduschego-ukit-ai-20 (RU)
  12. http://colonystudios.com/ukit (RU)
  13. https://vk.com/@blockchainblog-ukit-ai (RU)
  14. https://golos.io/ico/@demianch/vybiraem-ico-dlya-vlozhenii-na-konkretnom-primere-ukit-ai-ico (RU)
  15. http://zarab0t0k.ru/index/ukit_ico_novyj_format_sozdanija_sajtov_s_iskusstvennym_intellektom/0-738 (RU)
  16. http://стеша.рф/news/intelektualnyj_prodajushhij_sajt_na_baze_ukit_ai_ico/2018-03-01-7 (RU)
  17. http://kak-sarabotatj.ru/ukit-vyxodit-na-ico-i-vypuskaet-sobstvennuyu-kriptovalyutu (RU)
  18. https://zen.yandex.ru/media/id/5a2fc25df0317331f64cbe74/5a9831e07ddde8a6840ede82 (RU)
  19. http://iz-sssr.ucoz.ru/news/a_chto_ukit/2018-03-01-27 (RU)
  20. http://tlt-logan.ucoz.ru/news/ukit_ico_sereznyj_biznes_dlja_kazhdogo/2018-02-26-2883 (RU)

All winners need to check the relevance of the email address that was specified when submitting the contest works. We will contact you at this address very soon in order to give the prize to you.


To all of you who submitted works for the contest. Thank you for your taking part and for showing your interest to the project. See you at our future contests!

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